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Steve Stevens demo of Godin Grand Concert Deluxe


Steve Stevens demo of Godin Grand Concert Deluxe

Godin Multiac Nylon Deluxe featuring Hubert Tremblay


Godin Guitars is proud to present the Multiac Nylon Deluxe, the innovative version of the classic you already know! ⁠ ⁠ Demo'd by Hubert Tremblay!⁠ For more information: 🤍

Godin Radium X Demo | PG Plays


John Bohlinger demos the 🤍GodinGuitarsOfficial Radium-X, showcasing both acoustic and electric tones, this Canadian made guitar could be an ultra-versatile addition to your rig. Learn More: 🤍 More from Godin Guitars: 🤍 #godinguitars #guitar #guitarist Shop the 🤍sennheiser microphones we use: 🤍

Fender Acoustasonic VS Godin Grand Concert Guitar Shootout


Check out 🤍seandaniel23 TO SUPPORT Patreon: 🤍 Tips: 🤍 Sponsored Vids and other inquiries: 🤍 SOCIALS Instagram: 🤍andrescolin Facebook: Andres Colin Music 🤍 GUITARS Godin Guitar: 🤍 Fender Strat: 🤍 LIVE SHOW GEAR Roland GR-20 Synth: Discontinued New version of the Roland Synth: 🤍 Boss RC-505: 🤍 Vocal mic: 🤍 Tray for looper: 🤍 Pedalboard: 🤍 Reverb pedal: 🤍 Wireless Mic: 🤍 STUDIO GEAR Main cam: 🤍 Main Lens: 🤍 My other cam: 🤍 Studio Light: 🤍 Softbox: 🤍 Action cam: 🤍 Shotgun Mic: 🤍 Field Recorder: 🤍 Studio Mic: 🤍 Other Studio Mic: 🤍 FASHION Jewelry (Save 25%): 🤍 Watch: amzn.to/3qdqO1Z4 OTHER LINKS VIP link to DistroKid, which I use to distribute my music: 🤍 Where I get Tracks and sound effects for my cinematic videos: 🤍 #fender #godinguitar #godin

Diego Godin DESTROYING Great Players


Diego Godin DESTROYING Great Players Diego Roberto Godín Leal (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈdjeɣo ɣoˈðin];[a] born 16 February 1986) is a Uruguayan professional footballer who plays as a centre back for Italian club Cagliari and the Uruguay national team. Commonly cited as one of the best defenders in the world,[6] he started his professional career with Cerro and three years later was transferred to Primera División side Nacional. He since spent most of his professional career in Spain, representing Villarreal and Atlético Madrid and winning eight titles with the latter club, including the La Liga title in the 2013–14 season. A Uruguay international since 2005, Godín appeared for the country at three World Cups and five Copa América tournaments, winning the 2011 edition of the latter competition. Inter Milan On 1 July 2019, Inter Milan announced they had signed Godín for free on a three-year deal. It was reported that he had already agreed to a pre-contract the previous January. He made his debut in Serie A on 1 September, coming on for Antonio Candreva for the final 11 minutes of a 2–1 win at Cagliari Calcio. In a season in which Inter finished one point behind champions Juventus, Godín scored his first Nerazzurri goal on 13 July 2020 in a 3–1 home victory over Torino FC. On 21 August he equalised against Sevilla in the 2020 UEFA Europa League Final in Cologne, a 3–2 loss for his side; only five other men had scored in the finals of European football's two top tournaments. Cagliari On 24 September 2020, Godín joined Cagliari on a three-year contract. He played his first match for them on 4 October, in a 5–2 away defeat against Atalanta B.C. where he also scored. #diegogodin #godin #diegogodinskills

Godin A6 Ultra - Preamp Overview


Ever wonder how the knobs and sliders function on the Godin A6 Ultra? Here is a detailed how-to video demo of the preamp controls, which will also explain how to run this 2-voice guitar into an acoustic and electric amplifier simultaneously. Musician: Andy Dacoulis Filmed and Edited by Steve Bucci . . . Avez-vous déjà songé aux fonctions des boutons et des curseurs de la Godin A6 Ultra? Voici une vidéo détaillée portant sur les réglages du préampli, qui vous montrera aussi comment utiliser cette guitare à deux voix dans un ampli acoustique et un autre électrique simultanément. Musicien: Andy Dacoulis Filmé et Edité par Steve Bucci

Godin Multiac ACS vs Grand Concert


PATREON: 🤍 BUSINESS INQUIRIES ONLY: 🤍 GEAR GODIN GUITAR: 🤍 FENDER STRAT: 🤍 ROLAND GR-20 SYNTH: Discontinued NEW VERSION OF THE ROLAND SYNTH: 🤍 BOSS RC-505: 🤍 VOCAL MIC: 🤍 TRAY FOR LOOPER: 🤍 PEDALBOARD: 🤍 REVERB PEDAL: 🤍 WIRELESS MIC: 🤍 MAIN CAM: 🤍 MAIN LENS: 🤍 MY OTHER CAM: 🤍 STUDIO LIGHT: 🤍 SOFTBOX: 🤍 ACTION CAM: 🤍 SHOTGUN MIC: 🤍 FIELD RECORDER: 🤍 STUDIO MIC: 🤍 OTHER STUDIO MIC: 🤍 JEWELRY (GET $25 DISCOUNT): 🤍 MY WATCH: amzn.to/3qdqO1Z4 DISTROKID VIP LINK: HTTPS://bit.ly/dkandres MUSIC FOR VIDEOS: 🤍 As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. IF YOU WANT TO SEND SOMETHING 2875 Ashton Rd #18344 Sarasota, FL 34231 SOCIALS Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 LinkTree: 🤍 #spanishguitar #tutorial #howto #guitar #notsponsored #godin #guitar

Robert Godin - Guitar clinic at Kytary store


The owner and founder of the Canadian company Godin - Mr. Robert Godin - came to Kytary store in person, and introduced us to the production of guitars. Godin also includes the Seagull, Norman, Simon & Patrick and Art & Lutherie brands. At the end, guitarist Tomáš J Holý performed a unique percussion play on acoustic Norman guitar. 00:00 Introduction 03:05 How acoustic guitar works 04:07 Guitar top 13:11 Spruce aging 17:13 Finish 20:48 Precision in production 21:28 Neck 27:07 Bridge saddle 29:09 Zero fret 30:40 Headstock of Seagull guitars 33:39 Neck angle 34:42 Tuners 39:09 Tuning 43:59 Scale length 48:30 Custom guitars 50:20 Body shape of Seagull guitars 53:44 Trussrod 57:13 Electric guitars 01:01:22 Godin tremolo 01:05:21 Neck-thru design 01:07:55 Fretboard 01:10:24 Bolt-on versus set neck 01:12:47 Fretboard radius 01:13:01 GODIN LGX-SA 01:20:30 GODIN Multiac Nylon 01:32:17 GODIN A6 ULTRA BARITONE 01:35:19 Tomáš J Holý

The Godin Midi Multiac Concert Grand SA Guitar #5


For further enquiries and information please look at the links below. It would be lovely to have you join me on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. My music and albums can be streamed on Spotify and iTunes. If you would like to book Online Zoom guitar lessons or purchase recommended gear via my Amazon Affiliate page, please click on the links below. 🎸 Website: 🤍 🍎 online lessons & more: 🤍 🌎 KepingMusic Recording/Film Website: 🤍 📸 Instagram: 🤍 🎧 Spotify : Andrew Keeping Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Affiliate links: Recommended Guitar and Studio Equipment on Amazon: 🤍 Strings: Microphones: Beginner Guitars: Recommended Amps: Godin Guitars : TO PURCHASE THIS GUITAR YOU CAN GO TO AMAZON PAGE. IT WILL COST THE SAME AS ANYWHERE ELSE, HOWEVER A SMALL PERCENTAGE WILL GO TO HELPING ME CREATE THESE REVIEWS. THANK YOU. 🤍 This is the 5th Episode in a series describing the capabilities of the Godin Multiac Concert Grand SA Guitar. In this video we look at the playability as an acoustic/amplified instrument. The use of the 3 band EQ on the pre-amplifier. Listen to the sound of the guitar demonstrated through an AER amplifier using a Boss RC30 Loop pedal. Please look at the other videos in the series to see its other capabilities. The Demo part starts at: 7.08" if you want to miss the introduction.

Godin Multiac Grand Concert Deluxe


The Multiac Grand Concert Deluxe offers a degree of sophistication and performance like no other in the realm of modern nylon guitars. This guitar represents a truly visionary Godin design, along with the culmination of a close collaboration with LR Baggs to develop a truly cutting-edge Custom Voiced preamp system. Check out this video, as Pat Cristiano gives you an in-depth look at the Grand Concert Deluxe and its unique features! For more info on the Grand Concert Deluxe and other Multiac models, please visit 🤍

Godin Multiac Nylon Encore SG Guitar Demo & Review


I'm back with another guitar review! Today we're tackling a Multiac Nylon Encore SG by Godin Guitar company in Canada! When I started my channel over 10 years ago, it all began with classical nylon string guitar...and now we're revisiting the old with something new! Whether it's classical guitar, jazz guitar, bossa, world, flamenco or any genre you can think of, the Godin Multiac Nylon Encore guitar delivers great tone and playability in a package that will immediately be familiar to the modern electric guitar player. Stick around for tones and my opinion of this guitar! Intro 00:01 Classical Demo: 1:58 Specs & Rundown: 3:27 Jazz Full Band Demo: 6:48 Final Thoughts: 9:48 AS ALWAYS, SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL IF YOU ENJOY THIS VIDEO! Get at me on Twitter - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Floating in the SoundCloud - 🤍 All instrumentation by Matt Stottmann. © 2021 All Rights Reserved.

Godin Radium Winchester Brown (Studio Demo)


Check out this video of the Radium Winchester Brown! Simon Godin highlights the guitar with some tasty licks and lead lines! The Radium Winchester Brown offers great feel and tonal possibilities via it's H-S-H pickup configuration and angled Super 5-way switch, which follows the natural sweep of your right hand, for easy pickup selection. For more on all Radium models, please visit: 🤍 For more on Simon Godin: Instagram 🤍simon_godin

Ewan Dobson - A Lovely Light [Godin Multiac Grand Concert Deluxe]


#godin #gcdeluxe #multiac #ewandobson #grandconcertdeluxe 🤍 This here is the Godin Multiac Grand Concert Deluxe, the most recent addition to the line up of multiac guitars offered by Godin. I was fortunate to be able to test run this guitar before it was available to the public. This piece is called "A Lovely Light," and you can get the tab for it here: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

#गवळण : किती गोडीन सांगू तुझ्या हरीलाkiti godin sangu tuzhya harila लई दमदार चालीत गायली सुमधूर गौळण


गवळण : किती गोडीन सांगू तुझ्या हरीलाkiti godin sangu tuzhya harila लई दमदार चालीत गायली सुमधूर गौळण गायक: श्री मिलिंद महाराज ढम गुरूजी तबला: जालिंदर गोमदे कोरस: ज्ञानेश्वर महाराज चव्हाण, शीतल ताई 🙏राम कृष्ण हरी माउली 🙏 जालिंदर गोमदे चैनल मध्ये आपल्या सर्वांचे स्वागत आहे🙏. येथे आपणास गोड अभंग गवळणीच्या नवनवीन आणि सुंदर चाली या चैनल वर आपल्याला ऐकायला मिळतील. सुरेल ,मधूर ,गोड व लोकप्रिय चालीत अभंग ,गवळणी ,भक्ती गीत आणि भावगीते आणि इतर गाण्याच्या सहज आणि सोप्या चालीत लिखित स्वरूपात तुम्हाला ऐकाला मिळतील. त्यामुळे जालिंदर गोमदे या आपल्या चॅनल ला सबस्क्राईब करा आणि बेल आयकाॅन क्लिक करा त्यामुळे आमचे सर्व नवनवीन व्हिडिओज आपल्याला ऐकायला मिळतील, त्याचा आनंद घ्यावा. 🙏 🚩🚩🚩🚩 सांस्कृतिक वारसा जपण्यासाठी हा चॅनल सुरू करण्यात आले आहे, जर आपल्याला वाटत असेल की या चॅनेलचे अशीच प्रगती व्हावी तर तूम्ही या चॅनल ला मदत करु शकता 🙏🙏 📱 8421840145 तरी आपल्याला जर इच्छा असेल तर आपण या चॅनेल ला मदत करू शकता यामुळे आपल्या चॅनलची आणखीन चांगली प्रगती करता येईल तुमच्या साठी नवनवीन विडिओ तयार करता येईल फक्त तुमचा आशिर्वाद आमच्या पाठीशी कायम राहू द्या ही माउली चरणी प्रार्थना... धन्यवाद ... 🙏राम कृष्ण हरी🙏 आपला सेवक जालिंदर गोमदे 😊 जबरदस्त गवळणी #lyricssgavlani नक्की ऐकाच.... 👇 यशोदेचा हरी जाय यमुना तीरी 🤍 आहा रे सावलीया 🤍 👇हिरवी साडी टोक पदराची 🤍 👇 राधा गौळण मी गोकुळची झाले मी देवा तुमच्या प्रेमाची 🤍 👇 सहज उभी अंगणा मुरली वाजवी कुंजवना 🤍 👇 काय करू बाई ग जीव हा वेडावला 🤍 #गौळण कृष्णा कान्हा मोहना 🤍 👇प्रभू हा खेळ दुनियेचा 🤍 #गवळण नकळत बाई 🤍 #अभंग भगवंता घरी भजन पूजन 🤍 👇 Abhang Deva maze man ❤ 🤍 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩 #marathigavlan #Abhang #Gavalan 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩 #मराठीअभंग #अभंग #गवळण #Nadbram #नादब्हम #जालिंदर_गोमदे 😊 Thanks 🙏 please chanal subscribe like coments share🛎 करायला विसरू नका धन्यवाद 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Godin Multiac Midi Guitar - Listen to what this guitar will allow me to do! #2


🎸 Website: 🤍 🍎 online lessons & more: 🤍 🌎 KepingMusic Recording/Film Website: 🤍 📸 Instagram: 🤍 🎧 Spotify : Andrew Keeping Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 For further enquiries and information please look at the links above. It would be lovely to have you join me on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. My music and albums can be streamed on Spotify and iTunes. If you would like to book Online Zoom guitar lessons or purchase recommended gear via my Amazon Affiliate page, please click on the links . Affiliate links: Recommended Guitar and Studio Equipment on Amazon: 🤍 Strings: Microphones: Beginner Guitars: Recommended Amps: Godin Guitars : TO PURCHASE THIS GODIN GUITAR AND ACCESSORIES, YOU CAN GO TO MY AMAZON PAGE. THEY WILL COST THE SAME AS ANYWHERE ELSE, HOWEVER A SMALL PERCENTAGE WILL GO TO HELPING ME CREATE THESE REVIEWS. THANK YOU. 🤍 This video is a demonstration of the capabilities of the Godin Multiac Concert Grand Guitar in it's Midi capacity. Custom RMC electronics with 13-pin connector for direct control of Roland GR Series and Axon AX100 guitar synths.I am using a Roland GR55 Guitar Synthesiser as a midi outlet only (not using the patches/sounds on this occasion). From there I run a midi out into my RME Fireface 802 audio interface into Cubase Pro 9 (DAW). I have demonstrated some different sound patches/samplers from Native Instruments Kontakt 5 Sample Player; Session Horns Pro, Vocalise 1(Heavyosity), Grandeur and The Gent pianos, FM8 synth and Session Strings pro. In addition I have used Steinberg's Halion Symphonic Orchestra and UVI's Gypsy Jazz sampler. Finally I played the Flugalhorn patch from Blues Street Brass by Indigenus. If you would like to find out more about me, please visit my website on; http//🤍keepingguitar.co.uk or http//🤍keepingmusic.co.uk

Godin Guitars Session Desert Red "LITTLE WING"


🤍godinguitars.com 🤍vincenzogrieco.it 🤍facebook.com/vincenzogrieco76

Daani feat. Sara Johanna - Godin


Stream here: 🤍

The Godin Metropolis LTD Havana Burst


The Metropolis is the dreadnought model of the new line of Godin acoustics and the crown jewel of the Metropolis is the Havana Burst LTD. This gorgeous guitar produces deep and rich tones, thanks to its Mahogany body and solid Cedar top. Add an LR Baggs Anthem preamp and this guitar quickly becomes the only one you’ll need for the stage. Check out this video for the details on this sensational model. . . . La Metropolis est un modèle de type Dreadnought dans la nouvelle gamme de guitares acoustiques de Godin et la Metropolis Havana Burst LTD est un vrai bijou de cette gamme. Cet instrument de toute beauté produit des sons riches, grâce à sa caisse en acajou et sa table en cèdre. De plus, l’ajout du système LR Baggs Anthem rend cette guitare des plus idéales sur scène. La vidéo suivante vous en mettra plein la vue sur ce modèle sensationnel.

Godin XTSA Demo thru a Roland GR-33 Synth


Godin XTSA Les Paul being played thru a Roland GR-33 Guitar Synth out to my Laney LH50R into a 212 cab loaded with Celestions.. Vintage 30 and an Alnico Blue. Recorded using a Sony A6000 camera with the Sony ECM-XYST-M1 microphone mounted on the camera.

Godin LGX SA Electric Guitar Demo


Here's a demo of an amazing guitar, a Godin LGX SA. It's all mahogany, with a flame maple top. Seymour Duncan pickups, and Schaller tuners.

TUKANG BACEO - GODIN (Official Music Video)


Alhamdulilah Telah Rilis Single Ke Empat Tukang Baceo Official Music Video 'GODIN' by Tukang Baceo Download/stream : 🤍 Song credit Songwriter : Tukang Baceo Composser : Papacello Mixing & Mastering : Tukang Baceo Video Director : Sundawa TV D.O.P : Sundawa TV Production : TBc Production Tong poho follow oge akun instagram urang ketik wae di pencarian 🤍ary_agus_m atawa klik link instagram urang ieu 🤍 Check out our instagram: Papacello : 🤍 Youtube : 🤍PAPACELLOPROJECTOFFICIAL Sundawa TV : 🤍 Youtube : 🤍SonyVandora TBc Production 🤍 Link Akun Tiktok : 🤍 Link Akun Snack : 🤍 For bussines : mystrapeam🤍gmail.com Ciamis, Indonesia #TukangBaceo #Godin #OfficialMusicVideo

Christophe Godin - Guitar Lesson


Groove is in The Heart - The Lost Fingers Play the New Godin Multiac Gypsy Jazz


The Lost Fingers is a Gypsy Jazz band that was formed in Quebec City in 2006 and their guitar of choice is the Godin Multiac Gypsy Jazz (x2!). "Lost In The 80s", their 2008 debut album, earned a platinum certification for sales of 100,000 within Quebec alone within 12 weeks of its release. Their cover of "Groove Is In The Heart" was recorded in the Godin Atelier and it’s from their most recent album "Wonders of The World". You can check out their full album at: 🤍 The Multiac Gypsy Jazz enables players to finally achieve authentic Gypsy Jazz tones at any volume. This model comes loaded with custom LR Baggs electronics and a Seymour Duncan Lipstick neck pickup, along with top-mounted separate volume and tone controls. Other features include a solid Arched Spruce top and a dual-chambered Mahogany body. Lastly, the LR Baggs Lyric microphone can be blended to the sound source at any time. Guitar Details: 🤍 . . . The Lost Fingers est un groupe Gyspy Jazz formé au Québec en 2006 et leur guitare par excellence est la Godin Multiac Gypsy Jazz (X2!). Leur premier album en 2008, « Lost in the 80s », a été certifié platine avec des ventes dépassant les 100 000 exemplaires au Québec en moins de douze semaines après son lancement. Leur reprise du hit « Groove Is In The Heart » fut enregistré dans l’Atelier Godin même et c’est un extrait de leur plus récent album « Wonders of The World ». Vous pouvez écouter l’album en intégral au : 🤍 La Multiac Gypsy Jazz permet au guitaristes de finalement pouvoir reproduire des sons Gypsy Jazz at n’importe quel niveau de volume. Ce modèle contient un électronique custom LR Baggs et un micro Seymour Duncan Lipstick au manche, sans oublier des boutons de volume et de tonalité placés à même la caisse. Autres caractéristiques distinctes : table en épicéa massif bombé et caisse à deux chambres en acajou. Puis, le micro LR Baggs Lyric peut être mixé à la source sonore en tout temps. Détails guitare : 🤍

Harm Bos on Godin Multiac SA Guitar


Harm Bos is een bevlogen gitarist uit het Drentse plaatsje Erica(NL) Hier speelt hij een Braziliaanse improvisatie op zijn met nylonsnaren bespannen Godin Multiac gitaar. recorded in stereo with two guitars.

Seth Godin - Everything You (probably) DON'T Know about Marketing


Today on Behind The Brand, Seth Godin details everything you (probably) don't know about marketing. Marketing is often a misunderstood concept often viewed as simply creating demand and driving brand awareness. Seth Godin dispels this view by explaining the difference between brand marketing and direct marketing, evaluating the value of a brand in marketing, and reviewing key differences between psychographic and demographic marketing. His great insight into what we don't know about marketing is adopted from his bestseller - Seth Godin, This Is Marketing. THIS IS Marketing book link: 🤍 Click here to get a free audiobook copy of Seth Godin's NEW book: 🤍 Here's everything you probably don't know about marketing from bestselling author, Seth Godin. His new book, This IS Marketing is probably the first and last book you'll ever need to buy on marketing. Hope you enjoy this Behind the Brand look with Seth. Special thanks to our sponsor at Mazda USA Check out more about their vehicles here: 🤍 Get Behind the Brand and Subscribe! 🤍 What's in My Gear Bag? Btw - When you purchase via my links you're supporting my channel to help me make more awesome stuff for you! Gear bag: 🤍 How I cart everything around: 🤍 Favorite goto run & gun 4k camera: 🤍 Goto lens: 🤍 Workhorse lens: 🤍 Boom mic: 🤍 On camera mic: 🤍 Wireless lav mic: 🤍 Key lights: 🤍 Kicker lights: 🤍 Camera monitor: 🤍 Favorite travel tripod: 🤍 Headphones: 🤍 Storage: 🤍 Pro 5.7k camera set up for interviews: 🤍 Pro lens for interviews: 🤍 Travel drone: 🤍 Local drone: 🤍 Here are my personal favorite Behind the Brand playlists: 1. Behind the Brand full-length episodes: 🤍 2. The BEST advice from some of the most successful entrepreneurs: 🤍 3. 5 Minutes or less with some of the smartest people on the planet 🤍 - More? Get Behind the Brand on... Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 For business inquiries: 1goodbrain🤍gmail.com See my film and commercial production work here: 🤍 Join my Group: 🤍 and get exclusive access to Behind the Brand full-length video episodes. These are VOD style videos you can watch and re-watch anytime...anywhere while in your jammies if you wish. This is much better than having to get all dressed up...paying $2,500 plus flights and hotel for an expensive seminar ticket to learn from someone amazing, at some event run by strangers, that costs a fortune. Instead you can enjoy these masterclass-style videos in privacy on your own for about the cost of a cup of coffee.

Entrevue Gérald Godin


LA FRABRIQUE CULTURELLE Sorti des voûtes | Hommage à Gérald Godin 20 ans après sa disparition

Godin LGX SA Review - Roland Ready GR-55 Synth Access Guitar In Depth - Layered Sounds


🤍 The Godin LGX-SA frequently shows up at the top of guitar players "desert island guitar list" because is excels in areas of versatility, playability, and build quality in ways that few other guitars can compete with. This review is going to highlight these features of the LGX-SA, with an emphasis on showing some of the ways the many outputs of the LGX-SA can be mixed and combined, alone and with Roland synthesizers.

Godin Metropolis Composer QIT


The Metropolis Composer QIT, part of the Godin Acoustic lineup, is absolutely stunning and a real joy to play! It comes in a classic dreadnought size, perfect for that big and full sound. The body is made of a Mahogany construction with a smooth semi-gloss finish—with a solid Mahogany top and back, which are complemented by layered Mahogany sides. This guitar also has a Mahogany neck, so you can be sure to get rich and rounded tones, all the while being very well balanced with the addition of a Richlite fretboard, an Ebony bridge, and a 25.5'' scale. Naturally, the Metropolis Composer QIT is made right here in Canada! For more info, please visit 🤍

Demoing the versatility of the Godin Session


From rock to blues to country, the Session is a guitar with tonal versatility, style and value. More info: 🤍 La Session est une guitare d’une grande versatilité, que ce soit pour jouer du blues rock ou du country et elle n’y perd pas au niveau du style ou de sa valeur. Info: 🤍 ##### 🤍godinguitars.com #RethinkYourTone

Godin 5th Ave - Kingpin II - First look and Honest Review


This Canadian built hollowbody delivers! Check out all the cool features of this p90 equipped guitar. Let me know what guitar I should review next in the comments.

Godin als Gids: FREYA


De derde bijeenkomst van de godin als gids gaan we op bezoek bij de prachtige godin van de vruchtbaarheid, seksualiteit, magie en de strijd, de Noorse godin Freya.

Godin Multiac Grand Concert Duet Ambiance


► LIÊN HỆ MUA ĐÀN TẠI BẢO GUITAR SHOP: 0903.398.512 ► Học guitar HCM liên hệ: 0903.398.512 ❤️‍🔥 Các bạn yêu thích, ủng hộ kênh BẢO GUITAR, đăng ký ngay: 🤍 ►Đăng ký kênh HUỲNH VĂN BẢO Channel: 🤍 ► Fanpage BẢO GUITAR SHOP Channel: 🤍 ► Website: 🤍 Vui lòng không Reup lại nội dung, xin cảm ơn! #baoguitar #huynhvanbao

Godin Montreal Premiere HT Laguna Blue


Presenting the Montreal Premiere HT Laguna Blue—a vibrant and versatile guitar for jazz, blues and rock players alike! This guitar has an innovative and unique breathe-through carved cedar core to enable the body to resonate like no other guitar in its class. Moreover, what makes this model unique is our newly-developed acoustic-inspired finish, which lends itself perfectly to this semi-hollow body design. Because the finish is thinner and more organic in nature—like you would find on a good acoustic guitar—it breathes more freely and offers even more sonic properties to the Montreal Premiere HT. While it is perfectly complemented by a classic Hard-tail bridge, this Montreal Premiere model really stands out with its distinctive Laguna Blue finish! For more, please visit 🤍

Godin Session R-HT PRO Retro Orange


Check out the Godin Session R-HT PRO Retro Orange demo'd by Frank O'Sullivan. More info can be found on our website at : 🤍 Performance by Frank O'Sullivan : Website: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Soundcloud: 🤍 Bandcamp: 🤍

Deep Purple - Highway Star guitar cover GODIN R-HT PRO


instagram.com/robertohendrigo 🤍GodinGuitarsOfficial Gear Used: Kemper (Tone Junkie Profiles) Godin R-HT Pto Logic Pro x Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 #deeppurple #godin #highwaystar

Godin Rialto Natural Natural RN GT EQ - PICKUP demo by Hubert Tremblay


Check out our pickup comparison for the Rialto Natural RN GT EQ. For more details visit : 🤍 Demo by : Hubert Tremblay 🤍 🤍 Touring with : 🤍 Apple Music : 🤍 🤍

Godin Fairmount CH Natural HG EQ


The Fairmount CH Natural HG EQ is a great-sounding acoustic that is easy to play and that offers plenty of warmth and clarity. Here is Fred Di Santo exploring more on the topic. Check out the Fairmount CH Natural HG EQ, as well as the complete line of Godin Acoustics at: 🤍

Godin Stadium HT


Rule the stage with the Stadium HT! This modern single-cut axe sets itself apart with looks and features that call out to the true musician in the all of us. Have a look at this funky demo, showcasing the 3 Stadium HT models! For more on the Stadium HT models: 🤍

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